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Aziz Rasool on 25 Apr  15:29:46.
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Aziz Rasool
Marketing Manager

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Call Centre Set-up / running cost estimating  [25 Apr  15:29:46]

Hi All,

I am in the initial phase of planning, for setting up a call centre. My aim is to do this as cost effectively as possible and then to grow organically with the business requirements.

I would like to have approx 5 people making national calls during office hrs. This would be a mix of cold/repeat sales calls & customer care.

Which company could help me set this up as cheap as possible and can anyone give me rough estimates at the minimum overhead costs?

For example how much would I expect to pay for making calls 9-6pm 6 days per week?

I would apprecaite any kind of planning advice or literature that you can point out to me.

Thanks in advance



Jason Dickson
Telemarketing Manager

392 posts

Call Centre Set-up / running cost estimating   [25 Apr  15:45:14]

This is all very straight forward stuff and there is a section of our company who can help you, but I am sure whether this is advertising my companies services or not.

The hardware costs are very low for this kind of operation as you dont need hightect telephony equipment for it. The highest costs involved will be the staff the offices and the phone bills.

If you need advise on setting up a call centre & its in the UK, then you can contact me on

Hope this is ok John.



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