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Stuart McCUlloch on 9 May  14:36:27.
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Stuart McCUlloch
Resource Planning Manager
Teleperformance UK

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Calculate FTE for an Outbound Campaign  [9 May  14:36:27]


I wondering if anyone has experience in sizing the number of FTE required for an outbound campaign. I'm comfortable with inbound but the same processes fall over when applied to OB. Could you share your methods and the variable syou use to calculate your FTE.

What variables do I need to ensure I have enough info to perform the calculation?

List Size (per week or month)
Penetration rate
DMC's per Hour (Decision Maker Contact)



Pamposh Raina
Sr.Manager -Workforce management
American Express

71 posts

O/B FTE req  [10 May  14:10:11]

Hi Stuart

FTE req for O/B product totally depends on the factors such as

1) Number of calls to be made, are they stack leads or dependent on other factor so may have pattern
2) avg O/B call time
3) RPC (right party contact) and reschedule policy

Once you determine these then its just arithmetic


Stuart McCUlloch
Resource Planning Manager
Teleperformance UK

2 posts

Pamposh  [10 May  15:49:38]

thanks for the reply Pamposh. We knew it was a case of arithmetic but wanted to know what factors others were using in their calculation.



Dave Appleby
WFM & Business Telephony Manager
Healthcare Insurance

1566 posts

You might..  [12 May  08:29:32]


You might also want to look at the figures you have for DMC by
demographic, by time of day.

Adjusting the lead patterns can dramatically affect the DMS rate meaning
either an increase in 'productivity' or a decrease in FTE requirements.

Basically from our side.

DMC Rate
Callback rate
Productivity / Shrinkage target

So no major difference from Pamposh really.


Dave A


Mark Adams
Executive Consultant
2Plan Consulting

8 posts

OB FTE Requirement  [19 May  14:23:16]

What is lacking here is the detail needed to accurately calculate the FTE...

you should get the following...

1. List size
2. number of times the list will be run (optimal is about 2.4)
3. contact %ages - Right Person / Wrong Person etc
4. Handling times of each type of contact
5. Agent available time between calls (based on dialler speed)
6. how you deal with wrong party calls (leave message or arrange a call back etc)

The list size will diminish with each spin based on your strategy.. and with the rest of the info above you can accurately calculate the requirement

Hope this helps


Manu Babbar
Senior Manager - WFM

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OB FTE Requirement  [27 Oct  20:01:19]

Agreed to Mark on this! Or Simply you can use the historical Dials Per Hour Method and calculate hours required basis that, furthermore add shrinkages etc to calculate the overall staffing requirement.

While taking the historical data you would need to ascertain that there is no new type of dialling list is to be used as that will impact your DPH.

While taking historical DPH, everything else is taken care of as in Idle Time, AHT, Contact Rates and other parameters used for staff requirements.


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