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Jubril SABA on 5/12/2003 11:40:22.
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Jubril SABA
Econet Wireless Nigeria

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Dress Up Theme Days any ideas?  [5/12/2003 11:40:22]

Hello People,

Permit me to use this opportunity to thank everyone that responded to my post on TNAs. the amazing thing is that I am still getting some intereseting responses. Thanks guys.
My latest challenge now is to organise some sort of motivational activity for the emd of the year. I was thininking in the line of a dress up theme day for our Call Centre located in Lagos Nigeria.
I would appreciate any response on something any of you guys have done before and how you went about its implementation and any hiccups experienced. If you choose to mail me on the side, my addy is


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Marianne Marrou
Telecom/Reporting Analyst
Outsource callcenter

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Hawaiian day  [5/12/2003 13:20:59]

We did a Hawaiian themed day. The agents were told to dress Hawaiian (meaning Hawaiian shirts, surfer shorts, flip flops, etc...). Fresh pineapple and other fruits were provided in the morning. Coconut cookies were served in the after noon.

We didn't have any games, but potential games would be Hula Hoop contests and limbo contests. :)

One problem: We had one supervisor(!) dress up in a coconut shell bikini top and a grass skirt. Be sure to specify that the dress must be tasteful and work appropriate.

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Marianne Marrou
Telecom/Reporting Analyst
Outsource callcenter

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Another is Cowboy day  [5/12/2003 13:24:15]

Everyone dressed up in cowboy boots, hats and jeans and jean shirts.
For lunch we had barbeque chicken, bked beans,corn on the cob, etc...

This went well, but it was a very simple thing.

(Not sure how well either translates outside the US)

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Kunal Singhal
Business Development Manager

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Traditional day....  [5/12/2003 15:00:38]

Very interesting topic.....

Since our call center is in India ... and INDIA being the land of colours and of dreams. The land of varied cultures and rich traditions. The land whose very name evokes visions of snow capped peaks, gushing rivers and fertile plains. Of the many things that reflect India's myriad moods are parched deserts and palm-fringed beaches, verdant fields and rugged mountain passes, cooling breezes and hot winds. The country is proud of its ancient civilization and the rich, composite cultural heritage. There are 28 states and seven union territories in India and each one has its own culture and significance.

With a billion people of different ethnic backgrounds, culture, speaking different languages, practicing different religions living together... we do a day called the "Traditional Day" .. where every one .. would come to work in their traditional outfits... this makes the entire envoronment very lively and bright.... and we may also choose to play some very soft instrumental music on the shop floor on these days...! It becomes a perfect blend of the east and the west... Traditional men and women talking to their customers in the American and the British accents... !! Apart from that each team is requested to make a traditional dish... for dinner...... and its like tasting the food from 25 different states on that day... makes the entire thing a whole new experience!

And with the onset of CHIRISTMAS .... coming... the whole place is already decorated and we plan to have a big party where a team would be singing the carols and the christmas songs.. and much more....!

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Is it just fun or whats the meaning?  [5/12/2003 16:21:32]

Good topic and I note the topic is filed under the planning, strategy and management. I also note the topic specifically talks about a "motivational activity."


Let's look at the business case - in the same way one would assess the impact of any business intiative be it new hardware, machinery or process etc etc.

What do you hope to achieve? Are your objectives SMART?
How will you measure the result?

From a purely training and development perspective, practioners would advise against activities that dont have a proven effect increasing motivation/morale/productivity or the cost/benefit analysis is not proven.

Party pooper I hear you cry! No I'm simply trying to counter that assumption that if you do something FUN its going to improve productivity. Thats not the reason we have training and development departments and we do not apply the same fuzzy thinking to any other business transaction. Training and motivation are not different in this respect.

My advice is to be clear on what you hope to achieve, make SMART objectives and measure the outcome otherwise how will you justify it next year if met with the response "Well I'm sorry we dont have the budget this year even though it was a lot of fun".

Let's re-examine this issue as an exercise in planning, strategy and management (were it belongs) and how we can grow and learn from it.

>>>and any hiccups
Potential ones could include.
How will you include people who dont want to be included? Who dont enjoy participation? Who dont see the point? Who find it embarrasing ? Who dont have things to wear?

Good luck, I hope it works out for you Jubril. I've attended a few in my time, were they fun - yes? Certainly it improved morale as measured by morale sheets but did it improve motivation or productivity......that's up to you to measure.

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