Project Plan for new call centre set up

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Project Plan for new call centre set up
I have seen in other forums mentions of Project Plans for call centre set up - has anyone copies I could review?

thank you -



A little more detail would be useful Lucia.

- Where
- When
- Number of seats
- Inbound/Outbound/Both
- Front office/Back office/both
- Onshore/offshore/both
- Desktop technology
- Single client/multiple client
- Insource/outsource
- Your budget
- FT/PT staff
- Perm/Temp staff
- Operational hours
- Preferred shift profiles
- Demographics
- Local competition

There will be many more, there isn't a standard plan I don't believe, there will be a set of must haves and nice to haves but it's pretty much up to the budget you have and the timescales you are working with.



Project Plan for new call centre set up
I can help with this Lucia, if you send me an email at the CCMA(UK) via the link shown on this Forums Resources page I have an excellent document that I can send to you.

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My company is looking at setting up a 30 seat contact center in the UAE which will offer outsourced contact center services to other companies in the UAE. Can someone help me with all the steps one has to go about with a CC setup? I would appreciate as much details that I can get including Project Plan, Dependencies, Costs etc, etc.... Appreciate help in this regards.

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Project Plan for new call centre set up
Hi Ann-Marie,

I'm in the process of seting up call centre and would appreciate a copy of the document that you mention in your post.




Happy to send the document to anyone who wants it - just send me an email with your address via the CCMA(UK) website.

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project plan
hi there
where i can view a project plan?
i aprreciate all kind of answers, since i must proceed to an apresentation for a startup contact center


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Project plan
Hi all,
I could use a Project plan for contact centre also.

Thank You in advance.


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Interested also in the project plan
I'm studying the feasibility of setting up a call center facility as well. would be interested in that document.



project plan
They already post it,and look really good.

Where can I find the...
Where can I find the plan??

Hi, I'm also...

I'm also studying the feasibility of setting up a call center facility as well. I would really appreciate if you send me that document as well.

Hello, I am a...

I am also interested in project plan for enterprise contact centre.
Could you please share this document with me.
Many thanks.

I want to setup a ca...
I want to setup a call centre . Pls help me

I am accountable for...
I am accountable for implementing a new contact center and I am looking for good project documents (project plans, scheduled, etc)

There is quite a goo...
There is quite a good article about setting up a new call centre on Call Centre Helper

How to set up a call centre checklist

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